BIT 49

Host or Buy and Host 10 or 10,000 units with us: we have the highest MW available at the best pricing on the market.


POWERFUL S19's FROM $2,050

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Hosting Features

Simply send your hardware to our facility in the US. No need to ship your power supplies which saves you money! MOQ of 10+ units.

Stable Energy Source

We do a thorough analysis of your machine and, with our plug and play technology, have you up and running in no time!

Minimal Downtime

Continual on-sight monitoring and support. Nothing needs to keep you up at night. We will keep your devices running!

Use Hardware You Own

From Artificial Intelligence to Graphic Rendering to ASIC or GPU mining — we support it all.

Real Time Analytics

We take care of ongoing monitoring, troubleshooting, maintenance, software updates and any thing else your devices need.

Low Cost

You pay a simple monthly fee starting at 4.5 cents per kWh for electricity. A small set up fee is also included.


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Software Features

Mine any Altcoin out there with the
click of a button

100+ Currencies

Our miner is programmed to mine any GPU-mineable algorithm.

Easy to Use

We pick the closest, most reliable pools with the lowest fees.

No Added Fees

Download our software for free with no additional fee!

Regular Updates

We integrate updates as soon as they are available.

We'll Add Any Currency

Don't see what you want to mine? Ask us and we'll add it!

Customer Reviews

  • These guys are genius! They are proactive in taking care of their customers. I’ve never had an issue they can’t fix!

    Keith Steller

    Systems Engineer
  • These guys know what they are doing. My GPU miners and ASICs are now running a lot faster and use far less power than if I were managing them. As it relates to support or questions, I’ve always gotten a response from the team within a few business hours. Thanks to the team of Bit 49, I’m finally making money mining!

    Jeff Arndt

    Crypto Investor
  • My wife purchased three from Bit49 a month ago which are hosted [at the satellite location] and we’re extremely pleased with the results. I believe I’ll follow her footsteps…but with  more.

    Rodney Weaver

  • I am looking forward to further good cooperation and am very satisfied so far, even if there have been some minor disturbances from time to time, you have fixed them quite well so far.

    Frank Hoeffner

  • I just wanted to send an email thanking you all for the great work you’ve been doing!
    I can’t tell you how appreciative I am about how well organized, efficient and caring everyone is about their customers. I know everyone is working their butt off; but I just wanted to reinforce that you all are the best in the space: bar none. Anyway, keep up the great work! To many more years of being a customer of Bit49.

    Bit49 is the definition of professionalism, experience and customer service in a very bright emerging market.  Being able to coordinate so many machines and provide timely, useful information speaks to their abilities as a top-tier company that really cares about its customers.  I would recommend them time and time again to those looking to explore cryptocurrency mining and hope to continue to use their services indefinitely.

    Gus Gesumaria

  • Working with Bit 49 has been a rewardingly efficient experience. They quickly set up my rigs to their optimum performance. I no longer have to worry when a rig goes down because they have it back up almost before I know it’s down. It’s been wonderful not having to worry about  the heat generated and cost of electricity.


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We are looking for potential investors to help us continue to grow into the best company we can be!
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