S17 90 TH + Hosting

$165 / month
  • Cost per S17 = $1,650

S17 70 TH + Hosting

$124 / month
  • Cost per S17 = $1,650

S17 95 TH + Hosting

$170 / month
  • Cost per S17 = $1,650


The Offer

Buy a 70-95 TH/s S17 for $1,650

Includes PSU and Shipping

Host It for 12 months (or longer!)

Pay as Low as $124/Month
Hosting an S17!!!


How It Works


Purchase Our Hosting Package that Includes the Purchase of a S17


Have It Hosted at Our Facility in Russia, aka NO TARIFF COSTS!


You own the Equipment and Pay the Lowest Hosting Fee on the Market


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Our facility in Russia allows you full VPN access to your machines for orders of 24 of more.

$1,800 includes the S17, the PSU, and shipping and taxes to Russia.

All S17s typically run at 70 TH or better, depending on the model you purchase.

Yes. If you intend to place a large order, we're happy to facilitate a Skype/WhatsApp video tour of the facility.

Yes, you own your machine. After your contract is done, you can continue to host at the going market rate (current rate of this deal is the current market rate in Russia). You can also ship back your machines to anywhere globally.

Expected lead time is about 4 - 6 weeks from the weekend after you pay until your machines are up.

Yes! You can send machines you already own to Russia as well (MOQ of 10 at a time if sent directly). Shipping is as low as $10 per machine + PSU out of New York (MOQ for $10 is at least a pallet, or 60 S9s incl. PSUs).

MOQ of 10+ units. We reserve the right to reject an order based on the assortment / complexity of specific models. For example, we are unlikely to accept an assortment of 5 different models of miners spread over a count of 10 devices.

The operation is well capitalized, there is insurance covering theft, natural disaster, etc., and operations are top notch: over a decade of data center experience, years of crypto mining experience, and great uptime and operational metrics. As such, the facility is extremely capable of taking care of your machines. We are happy to send more information upon request.

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