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Pioneering the Future of Sustainable Bitcoin Mining

"Our transition to Revolve Labs underlines our goal to democratize access to Bitcoin mining and ensure that it's conducted in a manner that respects and protects our planet."

Felipe Pinto, CEO at Revolve Labs


📆 A New Era Begins

Bit 49, Inc., once a renowned Bitcoin mining hosting provider, has transitioned to Revolve Labs. This rebranding signifies our renewed dedication to sustainability in Bitcoin mining, marking our evolution towards a progressive, carbon-negative approach.

🌱 From Gold Rush to Green Revolution

Bit 49 was inspired by the 1849 gold rush, where we provided the expertise and our clients mined their digital 'gold' - Bitcoin. Today, as Revolve Labs, we're channeling that pioneering spirit with an emphasis on creating an eco-friendly computing infrastructure.

💰 Shaping Sustainable Digital Economies

Revolve Labs is not just a name; it's our vision for the future. We aim to be the beacon guiding the sustainable digital economies of tomorrow. By promoting the use of renewable energy, ensuring green investments are profitable, and providing clarity and accessibility in computation and finance, we're set to make a lasting global impact.

♻️ Innovation Meets Sustainability

As part of our strategy, we're partnering with eco-friendly energy sources and introducing AI-powered mining management software, Revolve AI. This innovation will boost our operational efficiency and pave the way for carbon-negative operations.

🔋 Leading the Green Computing Revolution

Formerly Bit 49, Inc., Revolve Labs stands at the forefront of the sustainable future of digital economies. With our state-of-the-art, eco-friendly practices, and smart contract technologies, we're committed to offering carbon-negative Bitcoin mining solutions. Our operations span across Minnesota with a dedicated 10,000 ft2 ASIC repair & training center in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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