Bit 49 Adding North America Capacity

Bit 49 Adding North America Capacity

Expects at least 3 sites by the end of Summer.

Colorado Springs, Colorado — As Bitcoin prices continue to create division among bears and bulls, and hobby miners scramble to buy up existing hosting space, Bit 49 is officially negotiating for two new sites in North America, with two more to be added soon. The moves come after efforts by the company to meet the demand of the industry with the hiring of new personnel, and a rigorous search to find the best locations and partnerships in the industry.

“As the potential for a China ban looms, and news of improprieties among the mining community continues to surface, we’ve positioned ourselves to be ready for the influx of mining infrastructure that will no doubt want to exit for greener pastures, both financially and politically. We are ramping up to fulfill any demand that would require a new home in late 2019 and throughout 2020,” said Felipe Pinto, CEO, Bit 49.

Also on the horizon for Bit 49 are these milestones:

  • Bit 49 is collaborating with the makers of ASICSeer, who made their name making EthOS, which was deployed to 650k+ GPUs per their website.
  • The company is opening a business office in Provo, UT where several of their most recent hires will be located.
  • Bit 49 is finalizing a business point of presence in Europe, and executives will be touring Europe this month with existing and potential large clients.
  • The company will be certified in repairs for Bitmain by end of Q2 this year, and will have a North-American on-site repair center.
  • More on these updates to come in future releases. Stay tuned.

Bit 49 was formed by two Stanford graduate students — one in business, one in computer science — and an incredible operations lead who has built hundreds of mining rigs. Our mission is to make the most high performing, reliable, and user-friendly mining solutions possible. We’re proud of our 100% publicly verifiable, positive feedback, and have thrived by putting our customers first. Having proven ourselves as rig makers, we are leveraging our passion and expertise into other products and services, many customer-recommended. We seek to be a business and thought leader in the space indefinitely.

Felipe Pinto completed his MBA at Stanford in 2017 and is on leave of absence from Harvard, where he was pursuing a JD, to lead Bit 49 full time.


If you would like more information about this topic, please call Felipe Pinto at (719) 422-9486, or email

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