About Us

Bit 49 was formed by two Stanford graduate students — one in business, one in computer science — and an incredible operations lead who has built hundreds of computers. Our mission is to make the most high performing, reliable, and user-friendly hosting solution for blockchain, AI, and rendering devices as possible.
We are a U.S.-based team of blockchain and artificial intelligence enthusiasts with professional backgrounds in computer architecture and business. Our mission is to make high-performance hardware hosting easily accessible to everyone. We currently focus on hosting high-performance blockchain, artificial intelligence, and graphics rendering hardware. Our company is the industry leader in optimizing price, performance, stability, and customer support. We hope you will love our products as much as we do!


The Team

Felipe Pinto


With an IT and finance background and a Stanford MBA, Fil is constantly soliciting feedback from customers and pushing us to improve our products to be as profitable and turnkey as possible.

Cody Nelson


Known to build rigs blindfolded, Cody is a jack of all trades, having built and maintained our multimining software, expanded out power to our facility, and been our resident Mr. Awesome.

Savvy Serpent


Finishing his PhD at Stanford where he is specializing in computer architecture, our CTO remains anonymous for now. But his amazing know-how and experience in mining since 2009 pervades all we do.


We will like to hear from you

(719) 422-9486

Bit 49


PO Box 50078 Colorado Springs, CO 80949

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